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Ambivert Empath Surviving Social Distancing

Hey, Empath!

I see you. I also see that this time in our lives is very full of emotion, anxiety, stress, fear, and unknown. This is a time in our lives when social media can impact us deeply. It is also a time when being told to practice social distancing can feel crippling.

Now, as we know there are introverted, extroverted, and ambiverted types of Empaths. I lean more towards the extroverted empath with slight introvertedness.


Here are seven tips I have found pretty helpful for me during this time:

1. Uninstall Social Media Apps

I personally had to uninstall Facebook from my phone in order to keep a clear head. Go ahead, do it. See how liberating you feel after not being consumed by the thoughts and fears of others around you.

I did keep a few social media apps that provide me with lighthearted content and uplifting influences. @essentiallyanempath Let's be IG friends! 😉

2. Diffusing doTERRA Essential Oils

One of my go to’s is diffusing doTERRA essential oils. I do this first thing when we wake up with breakfast to get some great immune boosting support to our system while benefiting from the beautiful aromas.

Get your starter kit here!

3. Grab a Book or Two

I have been a bookworm 📚 since a wee little lass and I’ve recently discovered my love for reading again. I’ve already finished Hardcore Self Help: F**k Depression* by Robert Duff, Ph.D. (@duffthepsych). I won’t spoil it for you, but it has helped me realize a lot more about myself than I had before.

Next on the list for me to tackle is High Performance Habits* by Brendon Burchard.

Can't spend cash- have a library card? See if your library participates in digital services like Hoopla or borrowing digital copies to your kindle. Download the kindle app if you don't have a kindle reader.

What’s on your reading list? Tell me in the comments- I love book suggestions.

4. Go out to the park | Stay active

Practicing social distancing can feel so crippling and debilitating to an extroverted empath. But staying connected to nature can help make you feel grounded and connected to all.

There are so many ways to stay active, YouTube has so many great channels you can go through. My go to Yoga Channel is Sarah Beth Yoga. Check her out.

Or if you prefer, hook up with one of your friends who does Beach Body. Don’t have a friend, get at my girl Taylor through her link here. By the way- she has over 15 in home workouts for FREE!

5. Tackle something from your “Get done” list

We all have a list of things we want to get done but usually never find the time to do it. So take the time now to do the thing you said you wanted to do instead of binging several episodes on Netflix or HULU.

I’m working on my office currently as it has become my “Junk Drawer” Room. Anything that didn’t have a place went into the office.

6. Spend time with your family or friends

But, wait? Aren’t we supposed to be practicing Social Distancing. Yes, absolutely. However, those who live with their spouses and children or parents or roommates, take this time to really connect. Turn off socials, TV, and pull out some board games or activities to do.

7. Meditate | Journal

I practice active meditation, where I journal down everything that comes to me and I call that my spirit download. Take some time to get whatever is on your mind out and down on to paper. This helps free up your brain from the “mental fog”. Some of my best ideas have come from journaling it out.

However, if you’re more of a meditate for mindfulness fans, that is great too. Sit with yourself. Download the app Calm. Google Meditation Videos so many will pop up.


So this is a lot longer than I had intended for this blog entry to be. I hope you find these tips & tricks useful. What are you waiting for? Get off the phone/computer/TV whatever you’re using and move your body, drink your water, and do some things to keep you productive.

Your energy will thank you.

Until next time!

Victoria B 🖤

*As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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