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Characteristics & Traits of an Empath

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Welcome back!

In case you missed my first blog post, I will cover again what an Empath.


An individual who feels the emotions and energies of those around them as if it were truly their feelings.

Now you must be wondering what characteristics make up an empath. There are many lists available, however the list below is what has rung true for myself and others I know as Empaths.

  • You feel others emotions as if they are your own.

  • You're own emotions are very raw and truthful; you cannot hide when you're angry, sad, happy, etc.

  • Children and animals are drawn to you

  • Energy vampires, people who suck good energy, are drawn to you and deplete your energy bank

  • You can tell when someone is being untruthful

  • You're drawn to people who need "help"

  • You are highly intuitive

  • You can read a room and the shift of energy before it happens

  • You may have higher anxiety or moments of anxiety due to the overwhelm of energy

  • You are both introverted and extroverted

  • People readily tell you their most intimate, private stories with ease and comfort

  • You tend to be the "therapist" or sounding board for your family and friends

  • Being the bearer of bad news pains you because you don't like harming others

  • You are a great problem solver

  • You thrive in meaningful conversations

  • You cry for others when others do not cry

  • You do not like confrontation

  • It is hard to be truly mean to others who don't deserve it

  • You dislike fake people as you can see their true self or true intentions

  • You can feel toxic energy

  • You find it hard to cut out toxic people because you care

  • You tend to care for everyone else before yourself

  • You like to see others happy

  • You feel at peace with nature

  • Water tends to be calling you and can help cleanse you of negative energy

  • Music speaks to you and you can feel the emotions of the artist bleed through each note and lyric

  • Horror, comedy and drama movies or shows, even the news, can be too much to handle due to the emotions behind it

  • You feel the residual energy from the previous owner of used or vintage items

  • You find it hard to throw things out and tend to hoard stuff just because someone gifted it to you or you bought it during a happy moment in your life or travels

There are I'm sure more traits and characteristics of being an Empath. If you've read through this list and it has resonated with you, Welcome to being an Empath.

So what exactly does being an Empath entail?

Well, when you don't know how to control the emotions of others versus the emotions of yourself, you tend to:

  • Lash out, sometimes to the wrong people

  • Overreact

  • Throw a "temper tantrum"

  • Feel invincible

  • Run on adrenaline

  • Feel cursed

  • Not understand why your mood suddenly shifted

  • Have bouts of anxiousness and nervousness

  • Feel as if you've lost control of your emotions

  • People tell you that you're too sensitive

Navigating the difference between your own emotions and that of others can be challenging. It is not an easy task or road. There are many things one can do to help differentiate those moments and how to stop it from affecting you.

Take some time to reflect on the above information and drop a comment below or send me an email ( on when you discovered your Empathic abilities.

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