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An Empaths go to tools for… 🦈 Shark Week. 🔴 Aunt Flow. 🗓 Monthly Cycle.

Almost all women have dealt with the rivers running red monthly from adolescence until late adulthood. But what makes a cycle different as an empath? ✨️ Heightened vivid dreams ✨️ Syncing with the moon cycles, full or new moon ✨️ Abdominal cramping ✨️ Lower back pain ✨️ Head tension ✨️ Increased bloating or digestive issues. Now tapping in to your Intuitive state, while on your cycle is POWERFUL. Cycles are a state of flow. This is when manifestation, intuition and creation are heightened within a woman. Yet, most synthetic solutions inhibit true access to the inner guide women were gifted with. I was on a hunt to find natural remedies to allow me comfort from the pain while tapping into my feminine energy. I started playing around with the doTERRA products I had on hand in addition to things God made available.

Three of the items I absolutely cannot live without is: 🔴 LifeLong Vitality, the supplements which include vitamins, omegas, and essential oils that work naturally with your body. 🔴 Clary Calm, the woman's blend… total life saver rolled on the abdomen. 🔴 Deep Blue + Copaiba, applied on the lower back. These three have immensely lowered the stresses that the body endures when in its cycle of flow. Have you tried this powerhouse combo before? Save 💾 this post to reference when your next cycle comes trailblazing through.

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