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Dream Interpretation TOP TIPS

UNPOPULAR OPINION: Dreams tell you things your awake self may not want to face.

A dream can be either pleasant or nightmarish.

Yet, it is usually up to you to decipher which one you had. Even pleasant dreams bring forth messages to those who are open to receiving spirit downloads.

In this week's episode of Ramblings with an Empath we dive into dream messages a two-part episode. I talk about a dream one I had with a Python who was venomous (Yes, I am well aware they are not venomous in real life) and bit me while I was running around trying to get it back to safety.

Listen in real-time how I journaled it and decipher it for my personal use and through the guidance of my Angels, Ancestors, and God.

There are overarching themes within pleasant dreams or nightmares. Yet, vastly different as well.

If you’re searching for a specific message or meaning, then more than likely you’re deciphering through your ego self versus your intuitive self.

Pleasant Dreams can be:

〰️ Insightful

〰️ Reflection

〰️ Wisdom

〰️ Introspection

Nightmares can stem from:

〰️ Unaddressed trauma

〰️ Fear of X (thing, person, future, situation, etc. )

〰️ Demonic in feeling

More often than not, we all prefer pleasant dreams. But even good dreams can hide messages that aren’t always warm and fuzzy.


1️⃣ Keep a journal handy- whether written or verbal to refer to.

2️⃣ Dig into your feelings- what emotions came forth when you woke up? Neutral, happy, sad, triggered, anxious, restless, etc to name a few.

3️⃣ Reflect- Do I address this now, or return later to review? Is this message for me or someone else? What stood out?

Bonus: throw on some doTERRA In Tune or Thinker to help anchor in connection to spirit.

Tune in to the new podcast episode this WEDNESDAY, 8:30 AM EST.

Streaming on iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcast, & Anchor.

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