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Holiday rest as an empath

HERE IS YOUR PERMISSION TO REST Holidays are stressful as f. + being an empath. Well let's just say the gas tank is running on fumes at this point for most empaths. ☕ Just surviving until the next family function or gathering. 😄 Smiling at all those around them or making conversation. 🤯 Even facing toxic family members that you *hoped* weren't going to come through. (💣 that toxic family member will always make their toxicity potent. Even if they're not there). While not every event will be toxic person free, one could only hope, there are things you can do to help recoup until the next event. 3️⃣ things to fully rest ➡️ lay off social media/screen time ➡️ reduce alcohol and caffeine consumption ➡️ breathe deeply, preferably with the following diffuser blend

EMPATH RECHARGE 3 💧 lime: the oil of Zest for Life 3 💧 siberian fir: the oil of aging and perspective 2 💧 grapefruit: the oil of Honoring the body Just because someone else is bringing their toxic energy does not mean you need to lose your Zest for the holiday season. By taking the time to really dig in to honoring your mental boundaries (think control the controllable) even the approach towards the toxic members is within your control. So while you take time to recharge this is the perfect time to reflect within: 🤔 What went well in 2021 that I want to carry into 2022? 🤔 What habits didn't serve me this past year? 🤔 What do I want to keep on the calendar for 2022, or toss? Save 💾 to journal before the new year arrives #empath #intuitive #empathrecharge #doterra #doterralifestyle #psychic #psychicempath #oilsforempaths #honoringthebody #empathsandnarcissists #doterraoils #shadowwork #healingwork #motivation #empathhealing #empathtips #emotions #intuition #intuitiveempath #diffuserblend #empathholiday #newyears #sahm #empathmom #sahmholiday #empathtips #toxicfamily #reflection #newyears2022 #goodbye2021

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