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Honoring myself and my time.

At the beginning of this podcast journey that I started a few weeks ago, my intention was to record information that Spirit guides me to talk about that would add value to you.

TW: I have postpartum anxiety, which stemmed from just your run of the mill moderate anxiety, and PTSD. *

This past week was an overall great week with more happy, “in flow” days. Unfortunately one of the nights I discovered what I like to call a landmine 💣. The best way to explain what occurred is as follows.

🤔 Imagine after a war has ended and landmines are long forgotten to be retrieved, you're trudging through the fields, or forest or what have you, and out of nowhere you or someone steps on that landmine and it explodes.

There are 🚫 no warnings and you along with everyone around you are impacted by the explosion.

I will state the recovery from this last landmine discovery has been far quicker than in the past. Yet, I knew that in order to be in a state of receiving messages from God & Spirit my nervous system needed time to heal.

As an empath, allowing time to recover is essential in order to my overall emotional health. Without firm systems (read routines) in place to be able to pour from my cup to yours, the cup runs empty and we all stay thirsty.

I would LOVE 💜 if you could take 5 minutes of your time to answer a few quick questions on the previous episodes released.

With that being said, this week’s episode will be pushed back to next week.

I will have a guest next week where we will discuss ROUTINES. If you have any tips on routines and what they look like for you, be sure to hit reply and let me know!

*If you or anyone you know need mental health support, please reach out to the SAMHSA national hotline.

1-800-662-HELP (4357)

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