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Create before you consume- a message repeated throughout the Hol-Fit: Talks Podcasts hosted by Ange Peters with Hol_fit. Empaths, I know this one is hard for you.⁣ How many times have you created 📝 lists to start a project? ⁣ How many times have you started a project, only to leave it incomplete? ⁣ How many times have you completed a project? ⁣ Empaths are creative by 🏞 nature. I’m not talking just artsy people, yes, Empaths can be very artistic, but creativity is defined as “the use of the imagination or original ideas”. There is a way to turn anything we do in to a creative project.⁣ Empaths have a tendency to consume content from all around them; through social media, television, radio, podcasts, etc. ⁣ So, why does consuming content as an empath feel like it is feeding our creative bucket? ⁣ → Learning new information to share with others or ourselves⁣ → Personal growth and development is a form of creativity⁣ → Watching shows or art pieces or listening to music helps you feel the creative juices flow through you⁣ → Look up things we enjoy to see how to start a project ⁣ → Inspired by what others create for us to consume⁣ Here is a secret: Empowered empaths create before they consume. ⁣ 3 Steps for Empaths to Protect Their Creativity⁣ 👉 Get crystal clear on what you want to create⁣ 👉 Time block⁣ 👉 Setting daily habits/boundaries ⁣ Holding ourselves accountable to create things we are passionate about fills our cup. Consuming content that we enjoy temporarily fills a void of the creation we need to help thrive. ⁣ What is 𝐎𝐍𝐄 ☝️ thing you’ve been wanting to create but haven’t gotten to it yet? Tell me below… ⁣ (… and then stop 🛑 scrolling and do it 😉)

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